February 1, 2019

best fudgy chocolate cake | chocolate fudge cake with coffee buttercream frosting | chocolate coffee butter cream frosting recipe

This is the easy chocolate cake which I have baked quite a long time but somehow postponing every time because of missing step by step pictures. Though the recipe is simple but the frosting recipe is innovative and new which is delicious too.  Don`t overbake the cake otherwise you won`t get the fudgy texture. Adding hot water makes the cake soft too.

January 30, 2019

microwave paneer ladoo | Microwave ricotta cheese laddu | microwave indian sweets | ricotta cheese recipes

Microwave cooking is easy at the same time, time-saving too. This is one of the easy and tasty recipes which I have tried using ricotta cheese. You can use fresh homemade paneer and careful while microwaving. Later after trying this, I thought can cook on stove-top the same recipe so the shelf line will be longer compared to microwave cooking.

January 28, 2019

Spider man Cake | Spiderman Chocolate Cake With Butter Cream | How to Make Spider man Cake | How to Make Vanilla Butter Cream | Home made Basic

Baking a cake for kids birthday is always fun and my most favourite job. This was the birthday cake which I tried a few years back. I was with full of confidence about this cake while trying, even got the perfect shape but while piping the purple lines, my hands started shivering which made the cake look dull. I was disappointed after watching the imperfect look so dropped to share it in the blog. Then on the same day, I baked this another cake (below picture) and frosted with vanilla buttercream.

January 25, 2019

January 17, 2019

Oven baked whole tandoori chicken | oven roasted whole chicken | baked tandoori chicken | Indian style whole masala roasted chicken

 Tandoori chicken takes first place in baking chicken dishes and this is one of our family favourites too. My sons like baked chicken either it`s a whole chicken or drumsticks. This recipe process is simple and tastes tasty when you serve and baking time is different for each oven.
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